Atletico Madrid legend to go into management, credits Diego Simeone – ‘He’s the main reason’

Atletico Madrid legend Filipe Luis has left his playing career behind in the last week, but he is not throwing his boots out just yet. The Brazilian has confirmed that Diego Simeone is the main reason for that.

Filipe was an essential part of the Atletico side that won the 2014 La Liga title, and was crucial in their runs to two Champions League finals too. Arriving from Deportivo La Coruna as a hybrid wing-back, Simeone ensured Filipe was one of the best defenders in Spain during his time.

“Simeone was, and this is great, the main person who made me want to be a coach,” Diario AS report.

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— Atletico Universe (@atletiuniverse) December 5, 2023

“I want to start writing a new story in football. I will never abandon you. He transformed my life, he changed my thinking, he changed my mentality. He transformed me into a champion. If he was able to do that with me, I need to pass that on, I need to do that with someone too. I have had many coaches who also helped me, but he is the main one.”

The former left-back was one of the players that characterised Simeone’s astyle and character best during his time there. Simeone has had a major influence on Spanish football, with the likes of Getafe, Cadiz and Sevilla taking aspects of his game into their own to great success. Thus far, there have been few graduates from Simeone’s staff or playing staff into La Liga coaches though.