Barcelona announce 1.255bn budget and forecast profits of 274m

Barcelona have officially released their budget for the 2022/23 season.

The Blaugrana have set out a budget of €1.255bn for the season and forecast themselves to make a profit of €274m over the season.

This represents an increase of €238m in terms of budget from the previous season (€1.017bn) and a rise in profit of €176m from last year (€98m). They also announced a new initiative to drastically reduce single-use plastic at the club as much as possible in order to help combat the climate emergency.

The budget is still subject to approval of the members via a general assembly, which will take place on the 9th of October. The board will present the figures and then ask the members to vote through the budget.

Part of that income has been taken from the sale of future assets, with around €450m of the economic levers being put towards this year’s budget.

It does highlight that the costs are still at an unsustainable level if only the sale of assets moves them into profit. However the important thing, at least in the mind of Joan Laporta, was to the ensure that the club was in profit and thus able to sign star players this season. He is hoping a successful team will produce more financial success.