Barcelona legend Carles Puyol on Vinicius Junior – ‘I would love to speak to him and tell him what I think’

Barcelona legend Carles Puyol has told the press that he would love to have a conversation with Vinicius Junior about his attitude, explaining that he feels the Brazilian is damaging himself with his current approach.

The Brazilian saw 16 bookings for last season, and has a habit of winding opponents, referees and fans up the wrong way. This does not excuse nor explain the horrendous racial abuse he has been subjected to in the past two years either. It is not just the opposition that have found Vinicius’ attitude frustrating though, with Carlo Ancelotti and several teammates publicly commenting that he should go looking for conflict less often.

The latest to do so is Carles Puyol, the former Barcelona central defender and Blaugrana legend. At a padel event in Sant Cugat on the outskirts of Barcelona, Puyol told the press that Vinicius should be enjoyed by opposing fans.

“Vinicius is a great footballer, he makes a difference and should be admired in every ground he visits. Great players have come to the Camp Nou, and despite being rivals, they are admired for being great players.”

Puyol himself was keen on speaking to him about it, as carried by Diario AS.

“I would love to talk to him as a professional colleague and tell him what I think and feel about him. If he changed his attitude, he would have more recognition. If I talked to him I would tell you what I think about him.”

The former defender was almost universally respected for his own attitude on the pitch, never giving up, and often focusing on football rather than extra-curricular antics. No doubt this will not go down well with a section of Madridistas though, who feel he is being treated differently by referees.