Barcelona pay out bonus to Turkish construction firm as Camp Nou works speed ahead of schedule

Barcelona are looking to get back to Camp Nou as soon as possible in order to begin reaping the rewards from their renovation of the stadium, and are paying out bonuses to their constructor Limak with a view to getting back home.

The return date is set for November of 2024, when the first two stands should be more or less complete, and the structure of the third should be in place. By that point they hope to have 65% of the work done, although without seats in the third tier, and by the time following summer is done, 90% of the stadium shouold be finished. In August of 2026, Barcelona will hope have the stadium completed with a capacity of 104,600, retaining its status as the largest in European football.

🚨 The Turkish company Limak will receive a bonus close to €1m for advancing the deadlines for the demolition of the third tier of the Spotify Camp Nou. By November 2024, 65% of the work is expected to be completed. @jbatalla7

— barcacentre (@barcacentre) November 13, 2023

As per MD however, the demolition of the third tier has been completed ahead of schedule, and work has already started on making changes to the first two tiers. As a result, Barcelona have paid a pre-agreed bonus of €1m to the Turkish constructors.

There are bonuses available for early completion of various tasks, while there are also penalties for late completion. If the stadium is complete ahead of time, Limak will see their income rise too, in a move that should motivate all parties to work with more haste.

Barcelona’s ability to generate matchday income has been significantly impaired by their move to Montjuic, with their capacity there just over half of what they had available to them at Camp Nou. With the Blaugrana short of cash to invest in their teams currently, they any boosts will always be  welcome.