Barcelona release statement on Lionel Messi’s leaked contract negotiations

Barcelona have announced that they are considering legal action against Spanish newspaper El Mundo.

The outlet, who were responsible for leaked messages between Spanish FA President Luis Rubiales and Gerard Pique, started making emails between Barcelona and players public today, under the tag Barcaleaks.

The first revelation included various contract details pertaining a negotiation between Lionel Messi’s team and the club. The latest news to be reported on are details of Gerard Pique’s contract.

On Wednesday evening Barcelona released a statement expressing that they are ‘indignant’ about the material being published, which El Mundo claim is part of the ongoing BarcaGate court case against former President Josep Maria Bartomeu. They say the information released has not been shared with all parties and is not part of the case.

They say that the release of the documentation is “an attack on the reputation and confidentiality of the club.” As such they are now studying legal action against El Mundo.