Barcelona renew Jordi Cruyff contract and make new role official

Barcelona have announced that Jordi Cruyff will stay at the club for a further year. Their former player has renewed his deal following a successful transfer market.

Cruyff was part of the team that worked on an historic transfer window for Barcelona as they tried to revolutionise their squad this summer. Alongside manager Xavi Hernandez and Director of Football Mateu Alemany, Cruyff influenced Barcelona’s dealings this summer.

Previously he had been working under the title of Sporting Advisor, which now switches to Sporting Director of Football. Many suspect he had been acting in the role throughout the transfer window too.

Barcelona also published an organisational chart which showed the chain of command, as per Mundo Deportivo. Cruyff appears below Alemany in that chart and on the same level as Xavi Hernandez. Both report to the former Valencia Sporting Director.

As tends to be the case, the more people involved the harder it is to attribute either criticism or credit, although President Joan Laporta has been keen to thank him for his work at player presentations. Xavi has also praised Cruyff’s contribution in recent press conferences.