CBF Source claims Real Madrid manager Carlo Ancelotti has agreed contract with Brazil

Real Madrid manager Carlo Ancelotti is out of contract at the end of the season, and while recently there were rumours that they might offer him an extension, Brazil remain confident they will get their man.

Ancelotti has neglected to answer questions on his future for much of the last year, but has declared that he is happy at Real Madrid, and even that if the club wants him to stay, he would be content to do so.

Yet in the background, there have been rumblings from the Brazilian Football Confederation (CBF) since March that they believe Ancelotti will take over next summer. In June, CBF President Ednaldo Rodrigues declared that Ancelotti had agreed to take charge of Brazil, and would do so before or after the 2024 Copa America.

In spite of a story recently that Ancelotti could be offered an extension until 2026, Sport have quoted what UOL claim is a source within the CBF, stating that Ancelotti has ‘signed a contract’ with Brazil. ‘Everything is calm, there is no risk of anything (changing).’

Real Madrid are aware of the interest, but maintain that nothing is signed, and believe he would be open to an extension.

Certainly, Ancelotti has the odds stacked against him to earn a renewal. Real Madrid managers generally do not survive two seasons with out a league title, and in spite of the success of Jude Bellingham, Ancelotti has been left without a top level forward, and has been missing Thibaut Courtois and Eder Militao since the start of La Liga. If he does manage to wrestle the title away from Barcelona and Atletico Madrid, it will be one of his most impressive.