Florentino Perez launches all-out attack against La Liga and Javier Tebas – “All clubs should have equal treatment”

Real Madrid are currently holding their annual general assembly, which started with an opening speech from Florentino Perez, who discussed a wide range of topics, some more controversial than others.

One area that Perez addressed was La Liga, and it’s safe to say that he is far from pleased with them, and also President Javier Tebas, whom he has had several run-ins with over the years, as per Marca.

“What I can confirm is that, as of today, more and more money is being spent (at La Liga), starting with the salary of the president of La Liga. The President of La Liga has recently had a salary increase, again.

“What is clear is that La Liga tries to expropriate us without our consent. They really think that if they take it away from us it doesn’t affect them personally because they think that the partners of Real Madrid only defend values and European Cups, but it’s not like that. We have a heritage that we have built since 1902 and we have the courage to defend.

“Does anyone think it’s normal for us not to be part of the La Liga Delegate Commission? Don’t you let us see what each club is paid for other concepts? We have demanded it and we are denied. La Liga should not hide what it pays to each club. All clubs should have equal treatment and be able to verify that everything that La Liga does is done by respecting the agreements. We are concerned about the lack of transparency.”

Tebas will likely issue his response to Real Madrid and Perez in the coming days.