German players openly asked Spain for help

A Spanish press report revealed some behind the scenes after the end of the match against Germany with a positive draw with a goal like him on Sunday evening in the second round of the group stage of the 2022 Qatar World Cup finals.

With this draw, the Spanish team raised their balance to 4 points at the top of the fifth group, and the German team raised their balance to a point at the bottom of the group standings.

According to Spanish radio “Kadina Kobe”, German defender Antonio Rüdiger and Real Madrid player went to his Spanish teammate Danny Carvajal and shouted: “Now win Japan.”

The report pointed out that Danny Olmo himself, Spain player and Germany’s Leipzig, admitted after the match that many of his teammates asked him to beat Japan.

“We’re going to go to win because we always strive for it,” Olmo said after the game.

Spain is enough to draw only to qualify, but Germany with a single point need to beat Costa Rica and Spain beat Japan to secure their qualification.