Germany reserve their pride with a precious draw against Spain

A positive draw of (1-1) between Spain and Germany, at Al Bait Stadium, on Sunday evening, on the second round of the group stage of the finals of the Qatar 2022 World Cup.

Álvaro Morata scored for Spain in the 62nd minute, while Niklas Volkrug scored Germany’s goal in the 83rd minute.

With this draw, the Spanish team raised their balance to 4 points at the top of the fifth group, and the German team raised their balance to a point at the bottom of the group standings.

Germany, who lost in the first round to Japan (2-1), thus maintained their chances of qualifying for the last 16 before facing Costa Rica (3 points) in the last round, while Spain play Japan (3 points).

The game began under pressure from Spain, and Danny Olmo hit a crossball at the penalty area border, and shot a rocket ball touched by German goalkeeper Manuel Noir before hitting the horizontal crossbar in the 6th minute.

Spain’s second attempt in the 21st minute, with a missile shot from outside the penalty area via Jordi Alba, which hit the outer nets of Manuel Neuer’s goal.

Germany’s first attempt to threaten Spain’s goal came out from Serge Janabre and hitting a globe that passed by Unai Simon’s right-hand goalkeeper in the 24th minute.

Contrary to the course of the match, Antonio Rüdiger managed to score the lead goal for Germany, where he received a free-kick cross and scored with the head but was eliminated by the referee due to infiltration.

German surprises continued, with another Rüdiger shot from the right end of the penalty area, which goalkeeper Unai Simon tackled on twice in the 45th minute, ending the first half with a negative draw.

At the start of the second half, Germany nearly scored the lead goal, with the wrong pass from goalkeeper Onai Simon kidnapped by the German players before reaching Kimich, who hit the goal and Simon tackled the ball and turned it into a corner in the 56th minute.

Danny Olmo hit a strong ball from outside the penalty area, which easily arrived in the arms of German goalkeeper Manuel Noir in the 58th minute.

Substitute Álvaro Morata scored Spain’s lead goal in the 62nd minute, receiving a ground cross from the left side via teammate Jordi Alba and taking a foot against Manuel Noir.

Asensio missed the opportunity to add Spain’s second goal in the 64th minute, throwing a crossball at the penalty area border, but hitting too hard above Manuel Neuer’s goal.

Musiala missed the chance to score Germany’s equaliser in the 73rd minute, receiving a softer pass to goalkeeper Unai Simon but the latter tackled his shot brilliantly.

Substitute Niklas Volkrug scored Germany’s equaliser in the 83rd minute, taking advantage of Musiala’s evasion in the penalty area, reaching him and hitting strongly against Unai Simon.

Attempts by the Germans to hijack the winning goal continued, and in the last minute there was a close opportunity for Sani, who set out in private, evaded Onai Simon and sent a cross before he crossed the goal line, but Rodrigo took it away to a corner that ended after the match.