Josep Maria Bartomeu pardoned Gerard Pique despite damning internal report

Gerard Pique is in the eye of the storm in Barcelona at the moment. The veteran defender finds himself out in the cold in terms of playing time and more and more details are emerging about his off the field adventures.

On Wednesday, El Mundo continued with their ‘Barcaleaks’, revealing the financial details of Pique’s contract, which made sore reading for Cules.

There was also a curious detail surrounding his conduct under former President Josep Maria Bartomeu. As per Mundo Deportivo, Bartomeu pardoned Pique following an internal report recommending that he be sanctioned by the club.

The report claims that Pique was a ‘serious harm’ to the club and was carried out by the legal team at Barcelona. Pique’s company Kosmos were involved in the documentary ‘La Decision’, during 2018, when Antoine Griezmann recounted his dilemma about whether to join Barcelona.

The legal team at Barcelona accused Pique of ‘putting his interests ahead of those of the club’ when asking Barcelona to participate in the documentary, ‘lacking respect for the club’ and undertaking a ‘conflict of interests’.

They then recommended that Pique be fined up to 25% of his monthly salary, which could have risen to €300k. However that report was ignored by Bartomeu.

This further consolidates the image of Bartomeu that many have – he had lost control of the club and was no longer a figure of authority. It helps to explain why before his departure so many Barcelona managers looked weak and unable to wield the authority they needed too, as their boss could not eitlher.