Luis Rubiales accused of hosting orgies with money from Spanish Football Federation

Luis Rubiales’ name is increasingly being associated with scandal. The President of the Spanish Football Federation (RFEF) was earlier forced to defend himself against accusations of corruption in collaboration with Gerard Pique and now the anti-corruption department is investigating him again.

According to El Mundo, Rubiales has been accused of hosting private parties at a chalet in the region of Granada. He used Federation money to fund these parties at which “8-10 young girls” would arrive at the chalet. They were expensed under the pretence of work event, at which the closest members of his team were present.

The accusing party is Juan Rubiales, his uncle and former chief of staff. Juan Rubiales also headed his campaign for the Presidency of the RFEF, before he was sacked in 2020.

Amongst the statements that Juan made, he accused his nephew of hiring private investigators to follow head of the Spanish Players’ Association David Aganzo and telling him that he needed to “find a formula for ensuring that money went to his father.”

This plunges Luis Rubiales’ mandate into crisis again, as he seeks to clear his name of several questionable accusations. It appears pressure is very clearly being applied by those interested in removing him from his position, although that does not negate the alleged veracity or consequences of Luis Rubiales’ actions.