Mallorca furious as midfielder controversially sent off against Real Betis – “One man down because of this mistake”

Mallorca went down 2-0 to Real Betis at the Benito Villamarin on Saturday afternoon, but the result was incredible frustrating for the Balearic side, who had to play the entire second half with 10 men, following a red card shown to midfielder Omar Mascarell.

Mascarell was shown a yellow card after 26 minutes, and would see a second right before half time for a foul on Marc Roca. However, Mallorca were furious at this decision, and took to X on share their disbelief.

NO es segunda amarilla de Mascarell.

NO es expulsión.

Indefensos y con uno menos por este error.

— Real Mallorca (@RCD_Mallorca) November 4, 2023

Mallorca do look to have a case in this matter. Roca definitely gets to the ball first, but despite this, the contact is instigated by the Betis man, who stands on Mascarell’s foot, rather than the other way around.

han expulsado a un jugador del Mallorca por recibir un pisotón de su rival.

La mejor liga del mundo!

— coña (@SprintDeRakitic) November 4, 2023

Because it was a second yellow and not a straight red card offence, VAR were unable to intervene, much to the frustration of Mallorca. They will surely appeal the yellow card to the Competition Committee, and there is a high chance that it is overturned.