‘Me and Dani Carvajal have agreed to pressure Real Madrid to renew us’ – Carlo Ancelotti

Real Madrid manager Carlo Ancelotti has told the media that both he and Dani Carvajal are lobbying the club to renew the other.

Ancelotti’s future continues to be the subject of much debate in the Spanish capital. The Italian manager has claimed he will wait until the last for Real Madrid to make him an offer, while Brazilian sources continue to claim he will join the Selecao next summer. The latest is that Brazil will offer him a new two-year deal in the coming month.

Asked about Ancelotti, Dani Carvajal was clear that he would keep Carletto at the club if it were up to him.

“When I started I was no doubt a stranger for him and I landed on my feet a little with him. Zizou is the one with whom I have spent the most time. He [Ancelotti] never stops reinventing himself, preparing for the games. For me, he would be here as many years as he and the club want, I would renew him tomorrow. There are few coaches who can do it better than Carlo at Real Madrid.”

The former Milan coach was reluctant to be drawn on the matter, saying that ‘I will not talk about my future.’ After being hit with a second question about whether he thought Real Madrid might offer him one, Ancelotti twice gave the journalist in question a chance to ask a different question, and was unusually stern about it.

However he lightened up after Carvajal’s words were put to him.

“He’s right (laughs). I have asked for Carvajal’s renewal until 2030. We have agreed to persuade the club for each other (laughs). It’s a joke, I thank him. He’s an example of seriousness.”

At the start of the season Ancelotti was clear that he would not be talking about his own situation, with speculation already creeping into the final stages of last season. Nevertheless, with uncertainty on the matter as things stand, it will continue to rear its head whenever results go badly, or indeed if things go well, some will ask why Real Madrid are delaying a contract offer.