News From Spain: Barcelona veteran confirms he will lower his salary in order to remain at club

Barcelona have been forced into a number of tough decisions in recent years over their veteran players, but this summer they should have one less to make. Jordi Alba has confirmed that if Barcelona ask him to, he will reduce his salary to remain at the club.

The veteran full-back, now 33, is one of many from Barcelona’s golden years that were signed to long-term deals above market price by previous President Josep Maria Bartomeu. Since Joan Laporta returned to the Presidency, working out a way of managing or moving on those contracts has been a chief area of concern.

There has been plenty of reporting on the matter too, on which players have taken salary cuts to help the club and which have not. Addressing the matter to Marca, Alba confirmed that if the club were to ask him, he would take a salary cut.

“Yes. It’s a club decision and I’ve always helped when asked. Many lies have been told in the press, but in the end I have always been there, no one can say otherwise. There are things that hurt, but you have to know how to live with it. I know my truth and I am very calm. My intention is to help the club and that both parties are happy.”

Alba’s deal is up in 2024 and he is unlikely to be given any more than a short deal beyond that. He was also asked why he felt that people were so keen to ‘retire’ him.

“It’s more of a media issue. I feel good, I feel capable and I have the support of the coach and teammates. When I go down the street people tell me so. I feel good and the day I feel that I am not capable of defending a club like Barcelona, ​​I will be the first to leave.”

For years there have been doubts about Alba’s defensive ability at the highest level. He has never really had competition during the last decade until this season though, and his offensive production has been up there with the best in the world compared to his positional peers.