News From Spain: Dani Alves asks to retestify following imprisonment

The world of football was shocked when news broke of Dani Alves’ arrest on Friday. The former Barcelona defender handed himself in to a local Barcelona police station, after reports on Thursday suggested that he was set to be charged with sexual assault.

The complainant states that the Brazilian international sexually assaulted her at Sutton nightclub in Barcelona. Alves has maintained his innocence throughout the case, which was initially investigated by local police at the start of the month.

Late on Friday, news broke that Alves would be imprisoned without bail while the case was investigated. As such, he has been locked up since that hearing. However, Sport state that the 39-year-old has requested the opportunity to retestify to the presiding judge.

Alves’ reason for the request is to do with his version of events. One of the reasons that the judge didn’t allow bail was due to the footballer’s contradiction of events when explaining his story, and Alves wants the opportunity to come clean.

It remains to be seen whether his request will be granted. If not, Alves is likely be locked up for the foreseeable future.