News From Spain: Dani Alves’ children receiving abuse on Instagram – ex-wife Dina Dinorah

The investigation into an alleged sexual assault committed by Dani Alves continues to be one of the headline stories in Spain, and his ex-wife Dana Dinorah is doing little to take it out of the spotlight.

Ever since the first news that an investigation was being conducted, a steady stream of details about the incident, the case, and now Alves’ life in prison entering the public domain.

In a recent interview with Sport, Dinorah once again reiterated her view that Alves was incapable of such an act. Continuing on, she revealed that 39-year-old was coping in prison.

“He’s fine, strong, as far as is possible. You have to fight and he is staying strong. If he collapses… What are we going to do then? He is sad. You see some things in the press that you don’t like.”

She also went on to reveal some reprehensible behaviour on social media.

“He worries a lot about the children because this affects him. It got so bad that people wrote to the children on Instagram. Even though they have it private, and I told them not to look, they have done so and it has ended up affecting them. They know their father hasn’t done this.”

“This is all a nightmare. What I can do is be by his side, support him. It is what I will do, for me and for my children. We are with him. We know who he is.”

Outside of the victim, Alves’ children may well be the most damaged by his alleged actions. The Brazilian is currently in preventative prison, as a flight risk, until a trial is completed. Unless his lawyer finds a way of convincing the judge to give him bail, he could be there for around two years even if he is found innocent.