News From Spain: Gerard Pique admits he did not congratulate Lionel Messi for World Cup win with Argentina

Former Barcelona defender Gerard Pique has admitted he did not bother sending Lionel Messi a message of congratulations after Argentina won the World Cup in November.

The pair grew up together at Barcelona’s La Masia academy from the ages of 13-17, with Cesc Fabregas also part of a golden generation, before Pique and Fabregas left for Manchester United and Arsenal respectively.

Both woulld be reunited with Messi, and while Fabregas maintains a close relationship with the Paris Saint-Germain forward (their families often holiday together), the same cannot be said for Pique.

Speaking to Tiktok personality John Nellis, Pique said he did not send Messi a message after the World Cup victory as per MD.

“No, honestly no.”

“My last months were very hard and I needed to disconnect. I haven’t seen any sport, and I didn’t even see any World Cup games. This will seen crazy to you but I didn’t watch any games,  just the final and not the whole game.”

Pique might not have been watching the World Cup, but he has been present working on the King’s League, a football compeitition featuring celebrities, streamers and former footballers.

There have been rumours of a rift between the two during their latter years at the club, with Messi reportedly unhappy with Pique’s porfessionalism. Reportedly, Pique also told Barcelona that the best way to get out of their financial bind in 2021 was to let Messi leave.