News From Spain: Real Madrid impede group action against Barcelona over Caso Negreira as La Liga frustration grows

Over the past five years it has become increasingly clear that Barcelona and Real Madrid are far more similar than they are different. Both clubs banded together with Athletic Club to opt out of the CVC deal put together by La Liga, and both remain intent on beginning the European Superleague. As Barcelona scramble to work out their next move in El Caso Negreira, Real Madrid have lended a helping hand.

Frustration is growing amongst La Liga’s other clubs on the matter, with Sevilla and Espanyol releasing official statements asking for thorough investigation into Enriquez Negreira’s relationship with Barcelona, with his business Dansil 95 being paid €6.7m over 17 years in consultancy fees, while he was on the Technical Committee of Referees.

The tax office are investigating the matter, but La Liga clubs are increasingly keen to see their own governing body take action. Due to a statute of limitations, La Liga themselves cannot take action, but President Javier Tebas says they will pursue all avenues of investigation.

Sevilla and Espanyol released statements on the matter on Monday afternoon demanding a thorough investigation to get to the bottom of the matter.

According to Relevo the majority of La Liga clubs were ready to put together a joint statement on the matter, led by Miguel Angel Gil Marin of Atletico Madrid. However Real Madrid said they would not vote for a statement they had not seen. Lawyer Jose Manuel Maza was present for Real Madrid, and after Tebas suggested that Los Blancos draft the statement, he got on the phone to his superiors, presumably Florentino Perez.

Once off it, he had to deliver the news that they would not be participating in a group statement, to a deeply frustrated room of executives.

Real Madrid’s solidarity with Barcelona should no longer come as a surprise these days, but there is only so much Perez will be able to do for Barcelona on this matter. The clubs, La Liga, and Barcelona will hang on the results of the investigation into the matter.