News From Spain: Superleague format to be redesigned to include 50 teams

As news emerges that UEFA are looking to put the nail in the coffin of the European Superleague, further reports of the potential reforms to the competition have also emerged.

On Tuesday it was reported that UEFA would try to take advantage of Juventus’ legal and financial situation in order to strip one third of the members of the Superleague away.

Now L’Equipe say that plans for the competition are slowly advancing. According to their report (via MD), the Superleague will likely include 50 teams from 12 countries, and in their words, will be based on a meritocracy. The likes of Portugal, the Netherlands or Denmark would all be represented.

The organising firm, A22, are confident that the project will go ahead. Both sides of the divide are waiting for the European Courts to decide whether UEFA can punish breakaway teams before taking any action though.

Regardless of the format, the number of games between the elite teams and the pooling of money at the top of the game seem likely to increase. As has been seen with the UEFA reforms to the Champions League, there will be four extra games and more guarantees of success for the bigger sides.


Image via dpa-Bildfunk