Prosecutor’s Office to consult Australian authorities over kiss as case builds against Luis Rubiales

Earlier this week, it was confirmed that Jenni Hermoso is filing a complaint against Luis Rubiales over the pair’s controversial kiss after Spain’s World Cup victory last month.

The case has been picked up by the Prosecutor’s Office, who will liaise with the National Guard over its next steps. Specifically, this will involve consulting Australian authorities over whether Rubiales kissing Hermoso is considered to be a crime in the country, as reported by MD.

If so, the case would move forward, and the Public Prosecutor’s Office reportedly believes that a charge of sexual assault could land at Rubiales’ door. This could mean a very strict punishment if he is convicted.

Rubiales has been suspended by FIFA for 90 days, and it is expected that significant developments will occur during this time. A return to the RFEF presidency looks increasingly unlikely, although he has stated on numerous that he would not resign the position.