Real Madrid to make 12m profit in latest budgets, post record turnover

Real Madrid are set to announce profits for the 2022-23 season, as they look to finish their stadium and continue competing for La Liga.

In a recent report by 2Playbook (via Relevo), they say that Florentino Perez will announce profits of €12m to club members, based on an income of €843m. This is a record, and surpasses previous turnover of €757m in 2019.

The club are also spending just 54% of their income on their salary bill, while income from marketing and the commercial departments are at record levels. The Santiago Bernabeu is still under construction too, with the finished version set to provide a significant boost over the coming decades.

Recently it was mooted by the NFL that a game could be hosted in Madrid, with the Bernabeu a prime candidate to be the venue. The key message from the offices at the Bernabeu is diversification in terms of income, and jsut 22% of their income comes from 33% in 2000. Marketing makes up 44% of their income, compared to 26% at that point.

Real Madrid are set to take on significant debt though, although it is believed to be at a healthy interest rate. The Bernabeu reforms have so far risen to €800m in loans, and Real Madrid is set to leverage their ticketing income for a further €370m investment in the coming weeks to complete the Bernabeu. That will take their total repayments ont the stadium to €1.17b to be paid over the next three decades, although this can be renegotiated too.