Spain Manager to face sack following kiss scandal

Spain are set to sack Manager Jorge Vilda as Manager of the World Champions women’s side, according to the latest in the Spanish capital.

The RFEF (Royal Spanish Football Federation) will meet with the CSD (High Council for Sport), a government body, on Tuesday to communicate this decision. Interim President Pedro Rocha has made up his mind that the first of the ‘structural changes’ promised by the RFEF will be to sack Vilda, and the decision only needs ratifying from the directors.

79 players have signed a statement saying they will not play unless major changes take place, and the removal of Vilda is likely one of their top priorities, after stranged relations for the past 12 months and more. Last summer 15 players stepped down asking for major changes and professionalism, with Vilda a central figure in the story.

The meeting, set for 17:30 CEST, will also deal with the structural changes. Marca say that Rocha has been working on what exactly those are and will present them to the RFEF and the CSD too.

It should be noted that Rocha was previously a Vice-President under suspended President Luis Rubiales. Unanimously backed by the regional presidents within the Federation, he was seen as the continuity candidate from Rubiales.

On Monday evening, the men’s team read out a prepared statement condemning Rubiales’ actions.