Spanish Football Federation ‘astonished’ by Luis Rubiales resignation

On Sunday night, Luis Rubiales announced that he would be resigning via Piers Morgan’s talk show, bringing to an end a saga that had lasted more than two weeks.

Rubiales admitted that his position was no longer tenable, after he kissed Spain forward Jenni Hermoso without her consent, something Rubiales, his mother and cousin are disputing. He then published a public letter of resignation on social media. The RFEF must now make decisions on when to call elections.

According to Marca, the news was met with astonishment and relief at the RFEF headquarters in Las Rozas. Completely taken aback by his decision, the questions reverberating around the walls at Las Rozas was why he had decided to do it now, and not two weeks ago, during which time the reputation of the institution and Spanish football has been dragged through the mud.

According to Marca, the RFEF were completely taken aback by Luis Rubiales resignation.

They were amazed that he gave into the public pressure. #Rubiales #RFEF

— Football España (@footballespana_) September 11, 2023

There has been talk of ‘structural changes’ from interim President Pedro Rocha, who asked Rubiales to resign, and has sacked women’s coach Jorge Vilda. Since he has been replaced by his former assistant, Montse Tome.

However the focus, appears to be on the 2030 World Cup bid alongside Portugal and Morocco, as much as making changes in the women’s game. Other than the changes already made, there is little detail on how Rocha, a man handpicked by Rubiales to take over, will implement more far-reaching cultural shifts. As things stand, 79 players are still refusing to play for Spain under the current circumstances.