Spanish Ministry for Sport considering new legislation following Luis Rubiales scandal

Head of the High Council for Sport in Spain, Victor Francos, has declared that the Ministry for Sport are considering fresh regulations to avoid another instance of the Luis Rubiales kiss scandal which has run over the last few weeks.

Francos, speaking to Cadena Cope, told the media that he was happy to see Rubiales resign, but was surprised by its arrival.

“I wanted the resignation of Luis Rubiales, but I did not expect it. “I didn’t know it was going to happen.”

Rubiales revealed that he would be stepping down from his role as President of the RFEF on Sunday night, as a preview to an interview with Piers Morgan. Francos said that it had been more than two weeks since he had spoken to him.

“The last day I spoke with Rubiales was the 24th of August and in that conversation I conveyed to him that he had to make consequential decisions. It was a situation that could have been saved with a statement and letting time pass. He told me that he would take note, and never conveyed to me his desire to resign.”

However he was keen to point out that Rubiales’ exit was merely the first step on a longer journey, which could result in a change of regulations.

“It has not ended here, now is when it really begins. We have to learn from what has happened. This whole situation must provoke a series of changes and we will begin to study a series of legislative modifications.”

Alternative reports say that the RFEF were also caught off guard by Rubiales decision too. Ahead of the RFEF are elections in the coming months. There is concern that while the RFEF may on the surface undergo significant changes, many of those who supported Rubiales and applauded his ‘false feminism’ speech. Certainly the incumbent President Pedro Rocha was selected to take over by Rubiales.