Sport Administrative Tribunal open misconduct case against Luis Rubiales

RFEF president Luis Rubiales faces more pressure on his position as the Sport Administrative Tribunal (TAD) push for ‘serious misconduct’ against him.

The RFEF chief remains suspended by FIFA, following an ongoing investigation into his action after the 2023 FIFA Women’s World Cup final in Sydney.

Rubiales was filed kissing Spain international Jenni Hermoso on the lips at Stadium Australia, an incident which Hermoso has since confirmed was not consensual, amid pointed criticism of Rubiales.

Despite the media glare and political moves to remove Rubiales from his job, the situation remains deadlocked, trapped in between different agencies within the Spanish state.

The latest update claims the status of the case will not allow TAD to request to the National Sports Council (CSD) to suspend Rubiales internally as the row rolls on.


The TAD (administrative courts) consider Luis Rubiales’ kiss to be a “serious misconduct” (“falta grave”). As such, the CSD (High Court for Sport in Spain) CANNOT suspend him.

(He’s still suspended for 90 days by FIFA)

— Semra Hunter (@SemraHunter) September 1, 2023

Rubiales has continued to defend his position, claiming there was no aggression within the incident, as he plans to launch a legal challenge against the claims.


Luis rubiales releases a statement.

Thread below of the statement in English 👇

— Semra Hunter (@SemraHunter) September 1, 2023