White Barcelona away kit to feature vintage badge next season

Barcelona appear set to wear a new white away kit next season, the first time they have donned the colours of their rivals since 1978. It may also come with a twist though.

That was leaked by Sport, who say that the Barcelona board approved it during the summer months and follows on from a light grey kit this season. It will come as something of a bizarre sight for many fans, who have never seen Barcelona wear white.

Now Footy Headlines have revealed that it will include a vintage badge too. They say that the badge will also hark back to the 1970s.

It shows an increasing shift towards the precedents set in some American sports like American football. Multiple kits have been brought for special occasions and different competitions by many big clubs as well as Barcelona.

In the NFL they have throwback kits too during their season where teams may pick an old kit to wear. However there are limits in the NFL on how often kits can be changed in order to ensure fans get value for money, something that does not exist in football.