Klopp Banks On Mindset To Give Liverpool Edge Over Man City

A siege mindset, according to Jurgen Klopp, might give Liverpool the extra edge they need to defeat Manchester City this year.

In the Premier League, Klopp’s Liverpool team only dropped two games, yet City won the championship despite beating them by one point.

Liverpool cannot anticipate lower standards at the champions’ home after City signed England player Kalvin Phillips and Norwegian sensation Erling Haaland this summer.

When asked how he might strive to keep up with Pep Guardiola’s team, Klopp responded as follows:

“We had a big meeting where I told the boys what I expect from them this year.

“I want to use the togetherness we have, the atmosphere we have in the team, the experience we made for better.

“That is how it is. We can grow closer together, we can be clearer in the things we do.

“What happened last season didn’t turn me crazy and neither the players. Because it is part of the deal.

“But if there is anything we can do with it and if we can use it to get even more determined then let’s see. There is no guarantee for any kind of results.

” Everybody wants to hurt us, to win against us, to get a point against us.

“That is completely normal so it will be really tough but we will give it a try anyway.

“The things we do are good. Can we do it better? Yes.

“Will that always lead to a better result?

“That is not possible because we won a lot of games but performance wise we can definitely improve and that is what we try.

“We want to create a resilience and a fighting spirit. Being angry is important to fight against the outside world in this specific moment.

“All these things we can do. We don’t know where it will lead us but we know it will improve us.’

Darwin Nunez, a Uruguayan striker who joined Liverpool from Benfica, has replaced Sadio Mane, who left for Bayern Munich during the summer.

Although Klopp acknowledged that Liverpool are still getting to know their new forward ahead of Saturday’s Community Shield match against City at Leicester’s King Power Stadium, he also anticipated that City may encounter similar teething problems with Haaland.

“They are not used to Erling’s natural runs, just as we are not used to Darwin’s natural runs yet,’ said Klopp.

“When Darwin offers a run we give him the ball all the time, which is not helpful because often a guy who stretches the opponent is there to create space between the lines, these kind of things.

“I am pretty sure they will need time for Erling but that doesn’t mean he cannot score already like he did it in the first game he played for them against Bayern.

“Most of the City things look like last year. How they set up the press, how flexible they are in their own possession.

“It is good. It’s very, very good but so far no real change is obvious.

“For us we want to be the team no one wants to play against.

“But we have to have more consistency and then when we have the ball, we have to create new ways.

“Not invent ourselves new, that is not necessary, but include new things here and there.

“That is what we were really working on.”