Latest Football News From Manchester: Chris Armas makes admission about Michael Carrick and Ralf Rangnick at Manchester United

Ole Gunnar Solskjaer was sacked in November and Carrick briefly took over as interim manager at Old Trafford. Carrick managed United for three matches against Villarreal, Chelsea and Arsenal before Rangnick was appointed until the end of the season.

United were unbeaten under Carrick and he departed the club shortly after Rangnick's appointment was confirmed. The Reds' form didn't improve with Rangnick in charge and that left some wondering why Carrick hadn't been given the role.

Armas was asked about Rangnick on The Crack Podcast and he questioned United's decision to only appoint the German with a short-term view, while he also admitted that it might have been best to leave Carrick in interim charge of the club if they were always going to hire a new manager at the end of the season anyway.

“Why would they bring Ralf? Ralf is a really credible guy in the football world,” Armas said. “There's a lot of noise, he's a guy that can stabilise things and he did in many ways. He stabilised, but things were just coming apart in the last month, to be honest with you.

“It's a six-month situation, he's not going to be rattled by big personalities, he's going to set a tone, he's going to get them aligned with a style of play that can suit the Premier League. Ralf is a guy that can steady the ship and he did that.

“I honestly think if another manager had come in, they could have finished 10th, easy, with the way points go in that game. We had a run of games and we were hard to beat, but you could feel it getting tougher and tougher with the summer coming.

“It was a big challenge. I don't know a manager in six months that can do it, imagine three months in and we know a new manager is coming – good luck with that. They could have left Michael Carrick in charge.”


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