Latest Football News From Manchester: Liverpool more reliant than Manchester United on penalties despite Jurgen Klopp claims

The German boss stated that United had more penalties in two years in his Liverpool side have received during his five years on Merseyside.

However, new analysis has shown that Liverpool would have lost more points than United if goals from penalties were wiped away.

Give Me Sport have looked back at all the Premier League fixtures so far this season in which either United or Liverpool have taken penalties, totalling the points each would have dropped without them.

United have been awarded penalties against United, Tottenham, Newcastle, West Brom, Leeds United and Aston Villa this term, gaining a total of six points from spot-kicks.

On the other hand, Liverpool have been given spot kicks against Leeds United, West Ham, Manchester City and Fulham but, significantly, have earned seven points from those goals.

Solskjaer's response to Klopp's comments was: “That's a fact? Probably. That's probably going to be my answer, that's a fact that we've got more than them.