Latest Football News From Manchester: Paul Mitchell explains what Manchester United need under Erik ten Hag

Mitchell was linked with a move to United last season after the club appointed Rangnick in the role of interim manager. Mitchell is good friends with the German and was spotted at Old Trafford for a youth team fixture last season.

Mitchell, who is a lifelong United fan, was then linked with a move to the club but that never materialised. In an interview with Sky Sports, the 40-year-old addressed the speculation linking him with United and his relationship with Rangnick.

“We had the famous picture didn't we where we were both sat in the stands together watching the cup game,” he explained. “But between us, our time is always limited.

“We are good friends and we worked very closely together (at RB Leipzig), so we got to chat a little bit at the game. It was a tough one (for Rangnick) because the opportunity came later in his career and I think Ralf is a profile that you need to give time to; to build and research and analyse your infrastructure and your organisation, and build it from the ground up, and the time was short.

“His remit was really short-term, winning and getting Manchester United into a rhythm to try and get them in the Champions League. The Premier League doesn't often give time and patience, and it comes with a ferocious rhythm and working demands.

“I think after all the experience it was a learning for him. Speaking to him, (it was) a great experience, as I know he's always had one eye on coming to the Premier League. But I think he will leave probably with a feeling of being unfulfilled.”

United would end the campaign with their lowest ever Premier League points tally and will play Europa League football in their first season under Erik ten Hag.

Mitchell believes that rediscovering the United identity could be key to the club being successful again. “It's a synonymously big club isn't it,” he added.

“It has such a role and reach and there have been some tough times there. It is sometimes hard to comment when you're not in the internal and always understanding the context.

“I use that word a lot because I think context is important to measure what Manchester United's current situation is, but I think they do need to get to the point of really putting down what Manchester United needs to be in the modern game. We are a long time from the Sir Alex Ferguson era.

“Erik ten Hag is a top coach from Ajax but they need a top blueprint not only for now but for the next five years, and work towards that, and sometimes on that journey there are hard moments when you don't get the right results, even though you're doing the right things. You have to know that, over that period, the consistency of the decision-making will yield a good end result.