Explained: Why Barcelona need to raise 26m to be able to buy new players due to ‘1:1 rule’

Barcelona need to raise a chunk of cash before they can spend freely this summer due to strict La Liga rules, club president Joan Laporta revealed.

WHAT HAPPENED? In an interview with SPORT, Laporta offered some insight into Barcelona’s financial situation, pointing out that the club needs to bring in around €26m before it can spend this summer because of the “1:1” rule.

That €26m mark is crucial for Barca, as it would allow the club far more financial flexibility, effectively allowing them to spend one Euro for every Euro they save. Two years ago, they could only spend Euro for every four they saved, a byproduct of the club’s dire financial situation.

HOW WILL THEY RAISE MONEY? As Laporta pointed out in his interview, the quickest way for Barcelona to raise the money would be to make the Europa League final. Getting there would earn the club around €21m, he said. But that’s hardly a simple prospect. Barca play Manchester United next, and should they advance, would likely face another big-name club.