Ted Lasso claims did not sour my Manchester United spell, insists American coach Armas

There were reports a member of Ralf Rangnick’s backroom team picked up an unfortunate nickname, but he says he had everybody’s full support

Chris Armas faced some uncomfortable questions during his time as a member of Ralf Rangnick’s coaching team at Manchester United, with reports suggesting that he had been nicknamed ‘Ted Lasso’ by unconvinced members of the playing staff, but the American claims to have thoroughly enjoyed his time at Old Trafford.

The 49-year-old had never worked outside of the United States prior to linking up with the Premier League heavyweights after the German tactician inherited the managerial reins on an interim basis.

A lack of experience was said to have attracted some attention on the training ground, leading to comparisons being made with the fictional character from the popular series on Apple TV+, but Armas says he had the full support of everyone he met during his stint in England.

Armas told The Crack Podcast: “It didn’t affect anything you were seeing but when Erik ten Hag comes in with full support, going to be here for three years, all of a sudden he’s bringing in one, two, three four players. You’ll see by the time the season starts it might be eight new faces.

“Out with some guys, in with some freshness, hunger, a real specific style of play they can implement. It’s night and day what Rangnick can do. Ralf came in and had ideas of what he wanted to do.

“Were they really going to push for Ralf to hit a home run, I don’t know, they didn’t add one player. So that’s not me talking bad about the club, the club didn’t add one single player in the transfer window when we’re right in fourth position.

“Why not? I don’t know. Imagine, it’s a blessing and curse, for me, I’m only grateful, they treated me, I promise you all, tremendously. Upper management, coaching staff, Darren Fletcher, they treated me as if I’d been there forever and they were amazing.

“With the players, I had a really good rapport, top to bottom, young or older, or superstar. The frustrating thing is you find yourself with this gift, like a pot of gold and I can’t carry it, it’s too heavy.”

Armas was among those moved on by United as they look to move in a different direction under the tutelage of former Ajax boss Ten Hag.

Rangnick, who was due to move into a consultancy role once his job in the dugout came to a close, has also severed tied with the Premier League giants as he now oversees matters with the Austria national team.

He has drafted in Lars Kornetka, Peter Perchtold and Onur Cinel alongside him as assistants, but Armas is currently out of work.