Messi: Argentina’s fall against Saudi Arabia made my son cry

Argentine star Lionel Messi spoke about his son’s crying after falling to Saudi Arabia 1-2 at the start of the Tango World Cup campaign.

Argentina lost 1-2 to Saudi Arabia, while Messi scored the goal of the tango dancers from the penalty mark.

“After the match, my son Mateo left the stadium crying,” Messi said in remarks reported by the Mirror newspaper.

And he continued, “Tiago tried to do the math to explain to Matteo that winning the next two rounds helps Argentina qualify.”

It is worth noting that the family of the Argentine star watched the match from the stands, in the presence of his father, wife and three children.

Argentina was able to rectify the situation after that, by defeating Mexico with two goals, to revive its ambitions to reach the next round of the World Cup.