Messi: Now another World Cup begins

The Argentine star, Lionel Messi, expressed his great happiness at the victory that his country’s national team achieved at the expense of Mexico with two goals without a response, this evening, Saturday, at Lusail Stadium, in the second round competitions, for the third group, in the Qatar 2022 World Cup.

“It was a difficult match to face Mexico, which has a great coach, and they are a strong team,” Messi said in remarks after the match, reported by the Argentine newspaper “Ole”.

He explained, “In the first half we played with great force, and in the second we were calm and started playing the ball. There was no other option but to win so that we can count on ourselves.”

He added, “We played the match that we had to play. It was difficult to play in those circumstances, but the team played a great match, even the substitutes. This is the way and every player on the list is very important. We have to think about what’s next.”

And he continued, “There is a state of happiness. We had to win. In the first match, some people suffered from pressure and the idea of ​​​​playing the first confrontation in the World Cup, and we were not able to play as we should. We knew we needed to win and now another World Cup begins.”

And Messi continued: “We cannot give up now, we cannot give up anything and the response was fantastic. The players have been together for a long time and the fans have been with us hand in hand, and we have achieved many good things.”

The Argentine national team ranks second in Group C, with 3 points, ahead of Saudi Arabia, on goal difference, while the Polish national team leads with 4 points. Mexico is bottom by one point.

In the group’s closing round, Argentina will play against Poland, while Saudi Arabia’s Al-Akhdar will face its Mexican counterpart, next Wednesday.