Mexican boxer threatens Messi: He must pray to God not to be found!

A Mexican boxer made an explicit threat to Argentine star Lionel Messi, accusing him of disrespecting his country.

Argentina returned strongly to compete in the World Cup finals after a valuable victory (2-0) over the Mexico national team, which has not lost its chances in the race yet, despite the loss.

At the end of the second round, Poland topped Group C with 4 points, Argentina came second with three points, then Saudi Arabia came third with 3 points as well, and finally Mexico ranked fourth with one point.

And a video clip spread showing the Argentine players celebrating the victory inside the dressing room, in which Messi appears as he kicks the Mexico shirt with his foot, then stands on it to sing with the rest of the players.

This matter did not please the Mexican boxer Canelo Alvarez, the middleweight world champion, who said on his Twitter account in several tweets: “I saw Messi kicking the shirt of my country, Mexico, on the ground .. I want him to pray at all times from now and hope that I will I can’t find it.”

And he added, “Just as I respect Argentina, you must respect Mexico .. I’m not talking about the country, I’m talking about Messi.”

He concluded, “As long as the Mexican national team shirt is on the ground, it is indeed an insult.”

According to the British Daily Mail, many Argentine fans responded angrily to Alvarez on social media.