Cafu: Brazil will not be affected by the absence of Neymar.. Cristiano has no equal

Brazilian star Cafu believes that his country will not be affected by the absence of Neymar due to injury from the remaining matches in the World Cup group stage.

Cafu said in an interview with the French newspaper “L’Equipe”: “Brazil has a large number of influential players, and when there is a player who does not perform the level efficiently, there is another player, and this is the reason that Brazil is a strong team.”

He added, “I do not think that the players deliberately play violently against Brazil, there are some players with physical strength, and the great players who keep the ball like Cristiano Ronaldo or Neymar expose themselves more to violations, but I have not yet seen deliberate violations to injure anyone.”

And he continued: “Brazil will remain at the same level without Neymar, as happened with France after the injury of their best players. Yes, Neymar is able to turn any match at any time, but we have other very good players.”

And about the World Cup surprises of Saudi Arabia’s victory over Argentina and Germany’s fall against Japan, he commented: “This is normal, the idea of ​​football is not a science and this is the reason for its beauty. Fantastic, and Japan played a perfect match.”

And he touched on talking about Cristiano Ronaldo: “We are talking about an exceptional athlete. He is unlike any other player and enjoys great professionalism and works hard. He did everything to keep himself at an exceptional level. He is one of the few players who participated in 5 World Cups and the only one who scored in all of them.” .