Victor Osimhen Earns More Than Nigeria President Buhari !! Guess by How Much?

Did you know That ?

Recent Reports Revealed a funny comparison between famous players on African countries and their head of power “The President himself” and when it came to the biggest African country Nigeria, the Report showed that Victor Osimhen the Nigerian Star and player of Napoli actually earns more the the Nigerian President Buhari.

It worth noting that due to the cut in salary of the president by 50% during President Muhammadu Buhari’s first term in office, the president now receives an income of ₦14,000,000 per annum of which includes several allowances and benefits. That is about ₦1, 166, 666 per month and weekly around ₦ 291,666 which is (669.44 Euro)

While on the other hand the latest reports showed that Victor Osimhen Earns 100,000 Euro Per Week which is around ₦42,440,900 which is ₦2,291,808,645.36 per annum “can you spell that number 😁” which is more that what the president earns by more that 100 times, yes you’ve read that clearly.

Go and ask your child now; what do you wanna be in the future ? i guess he will give you the correct answer 😁

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