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‘Idiot – keep destroying France’ – Evra involved in heated spat with French politician Zemmour as he denies Senegal comments

Patrice Evra has reacted angrily to a French politician who attacked him for saying he should’ve played for Senegal over France – quotes he’s denied.

WHAT HAPPENED? Evra has claimed that quotes attributed to him regarding his choice of national team are false and not what he said. Quotes had emerged alleging that Evra regretted choosing to play for France instead of Senegal, with French politician Eric Zemmour attacking him on social media.

WHAT HE SAID: The former-Manchester United player was alleged to have said: “If I could go back, I would choose to represent my native country, Senegal, instead of France.”

He has, however, issued a denial to RMC, claiming the quotes were distorted and that they are not accurate.